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How This New Forex Breakout Bot Could
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Attention Forex Traders!

Have you been searching for a simple but powerful trading system to add to your trading arsenal?

A system that is designed for scalpers, day traders, and swing traders?

If so, you came to the right place!

The system we are referring to is the NEW Forex Breakout Bot exclusively for MetaTrader 4. The breakout bot team have been perfecting and formulating this system over many years and we are finally giving access to the general public!

Just A Couple Clicks Away From Trading Greatness- Why Trading Can Humble You!

We are going to be honest with you...

When we first started trading the markets long ago, we all were captivated by the idea that you could make thousands of dollars with just a click of the mouse.

It actually sounded too good to be true.

You plug in a few numbers, you click the button, and BOOM - in just a few moments you have an extra $1,000!

But the reality is that very few traders will ever find success trading the markets…

Hundreds of thousands of traders all around the globe are never going to trade again all because they got into it, they read a few things from so called “gurus”, they threw thousands of dollars in an account, and wiped it out in under 30 days.

It is a common theme among traders.

In fact, we were in that same boat not that many years ago with this trading system.

When we first started off trading a variation of this strategy, we were a big failure...

We got in a trade and then only a few moments after we got stopped out.

What is that all about?

We have a stop loss, we have a target, we have a strategy, but nothing is working out. We tweaked, and tweaked, and tweaked some more.

But nothing was happening.

We instantly knew that we had to change something DRASTIC fast, or else we would need to scrap this system all together.

How one Major Tweak Changed it All…

After many hours of thinking, consulting, changing code, changing stops, changing risk, it dawned on us. There was one major problem.

We were getting in the trades too frequently when there was no valid trend and getting stopped out just about every time.

The second we figured this out, the doors to successful automated trading were FINALLY OPEN!

We made a critical change in the complex algorithm that is running the bot and we never looked back!

For example, Take a look at this GBPUSD Trades the bot took on the hourly chart.

The bot instantly identifies when there is a sudden change of momentum and makes consistent and profitable trades based on our powerful Break and Take Trading Strategy that the bot uses.

Automated Break and Take Trading Formula Works On Any Time Frame (And Many Currency Pairs)

The Forex Breakout Bot is based on our break and take trading strategy and does exactly what it sounds like.

It takes Breakout Trades consistently!

What does a break and take trade entry look like?

This question can simply be answered by taking a look at some examples.

Example #1

Example #1

In these two breakout examples above, you can see how price action was “flat” and then something happens and price automatically shoots up or down and continues momentum.

Some say it is rigged, others say that it is completely random, while the Forex Breakout Bot team says it's CONFIRMED and you will see why below

How does the Forex Breakout Bot Perform On The Charts?

There are thousands of automated trading systems out there...

But none we have seen in the past has been as consistent as the Forex Breakout Bot.

Here is one string of trades it took on the EURUSD H1 Time chart:

Do you see the pattern? Do you see how the system is following a certain set of rules when momentum strikes on the chart.

The break and take strategy automatically trades when it triggers based on our algorithms that are, to this day, only known by a handful of professional traders.

We also added in the performance graph of the strategy test we ran on the EURUSD chart that you see above.

We welcome everyone to test out the bot immediately when you attach it to your MetaTrader Platform to see just how accurate this system can be!

Let’s take a look at another example…

The example above is the USDCHF pair.

The Forex Breakout Bot identified that there was a huge swing of momentum to the down side and took consecutive winning trades as a result.

A trending market is actually when the Forex Breakout Bot is at its best.

We formulated the system so that is can take multiple trades in a row to stack winning trades.

In a nutshell, the breakout bot looks at the price action and sees opportunities like:

Breakout #1

Breakout #2

Breakout #3

Breakout #4

So something like this, as an example:

It does not just take one trade based on the formula and just gives up. We taught this system to identify these types of breakout opportunities and continue to try to stack on winners!

Here Is What Comes With This EA Trading System Today

Some of things you get today with this system include:

#1 Forex Breakout Bot Software
Only for MetaTrader 4 (Value of $497)

You get access to the EA robot that you will instantly have running on your charts in as little as 15 minutes! Highly accurate based on the Break and Take trading strategy.

#2 The Breakout Bot User Guide
The Complete Guide To The Bot (Value of $97)

Many times when you invest in a system you are left with hundreds of questions about the settings, setup, and more. The user manual will clear things up!

#3 Breakout Bot Video Tutorial - Simple Setup Solutions! (Value $97)

We offer a complete video guide for the Forex Breakout Bot. This will help you with your setup process and more and will get you up and running in just 15 minutes.

#4 Unlimited Updates! (Value $297)

If we need to update our system, we will give you the update immediately! No need to spend extra on this as this comes completely FREE of charge!

#5 Rapid Support Team - If you have any software-related questions, just submit it to our team and we will get back within 24 hours! (Value $197)

Total Value today for this system is $1185!

And for that price, to us it would be completely worth it!

Here is an actual, Third-Party Verified statement of one of our team members demo accounts that had the Forex Breakout Bot running for right around a month!

You see how in just a short month he was able to gain just under $5,000!

So you could see how a system like this could be completely worth the value at $1,185.

But since we want make the Forex Breakout Bot available to 99% of the Forex traders reading this, our team decided to give you a MEGA discount today.

A system like this we would normally sell for right around $997.

But Instead of paying $997
You PAY ONLY $77 today (92% DISCOUNT!)

So here is what to do right now…

Click the button below to lock in this discount!

Forex Breakout Bot

This will not last long and we have limited spots remaining before we will raise the price for good.

It is not everyday you will see a Forex system quite like this… And to prove just how confident we are in this system we are going to throw in a rock solid guarantee that we usually never do...

If in the first 15 days of using the Forex Breakout Bot you do not find the system up to your standards, you don’t like how it looks, or how it performs, simply send us a quick message and explain the situation. Our rapid support will take care of you on the spot and will hold your hand every step of the way.

Simply click on the button below to secure your offer!

Forex Breakout Bot

P.S. This offer is only for those who..

Use MetaTrader 4 for their trading (if you don’t we will show you exactly how to set it up!)

Desire to become a winning trader by doing little to no work!

Believe in a system that has been tested thoroughly for MANY years

Have little time to trade the markets

P.P.S. This offer is NOT for those who..

Hate automated trading and think you can’t get consistent results.

Do not have sufficient capital to trade with.

Believe that trading is a scam (if that you is please exit this page immediately and go do something else. Trading is obviously not for you.)

Have no need for an automated money making machine

If you have any other questions about the Forex Breakout bot please do not hesitate to reach out to our support staff at

We will see you on the other side!


- Forex Breakout Bot Team

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